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All Water Heaters Are Not Created Equal, Right?

Saying that all water heaters are the same…like comparing water heaters found in those “big box” do-it-yourself stores to the water heaters supplied by a professional plumbing company like AttaBoy Plumbing Company is like comparing those little box cars you see in communist Russia with a free-market, American made Ford, Honda, or Toyota…we just aren’t comparing apples to apples. Yes, they both have wheels (the cars that is), a motor, and will get you from Zionsville to Greenwood…but that is just about all they have in common. So it is with water heaters. Yes, those water heaters you buy at the big box hardware store will get the water hot…eventually. But, will cost you more in the long run (really, in the short run) both in cost in operating and maintenance. So, if it is important to you to have hot water for your family, and in the most efficient and cost effective manner…Call, Click, or Chat AttaBoy Plumbing today!

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