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Apples to Apples. . . Plumbers to Plumbers?

Just about everyone is looking for ways to save money these days and that certainly extends into the world of plumbing. Whether it’s a clogged drain, toilet problem, sump pump or leaking water heater, when you need a plumber, it’s hard to put it off.

People call AttaBoy for their plumbing needs, but the reasons they choose to call our company specifically vary. Some folks are repeat customers who know the quality of work we do and the quality of the technicians we hire. Some have seen our ads or trucks and just want to try us out. Some call because they are “shopping” for the bottom dollar price for the work they need and we are one of several plumbers they are calling.

Regarding that third reason for calling AttaBoy Plumbing, it is important to remember that the old adage “you get what you pay for” can also be true in the plumbing world. While it is not uncommon for our company to be the least expensive, it is not always true for good reason. Here are some things to beware of when going with the lowest price:

Some companies will use inferior material or equipment to save cost

Personnel may be paid less because they are technicians with a record of “hopping” from company to company because they are unable to hold a position for long because of poor skills, dishonesty, or unresolved problems

Plumbers may cut corners in order to save on costs, and then pass the “savings” on to you”

My point is this: Discount Plumbing is not always so “discount” when you consider the possibility of having to re-fix the problems sooner than you’d anticipated because of poor service.

AttaBoy is proud of the work we do and the quality of our staff and we will always welcome a comparison of our company to other plumbers. Just make sure you compare “apples to apples.” Sometimes what appears to be a well chosen apple is rotten under the skin.

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