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AttaBoy Plumber’s Post-Super Bowl To-Do List

Monday’s (day after big game) To Do List:

1. Un-jam Mrs. Clark’s garbage disposal in Fishers…buffalo chicken wing bones.

2. Check out the Timpington’s water heater in Carmel. Said they ran out of hot water when their guests were showering in the morning (Mr. “T” said he wants info on a tankless model).

3. Toilet clogged and overflowed at Johnson’s house. Either the kids dropped a toy in it or it’s Uncle Buzz. . . again.

4. Another Broad Ripple clogged drain. May need to suggest Bob actually turns the disposal on the next time he makes his special spicy potato soup.

5. Tree roots clogging Wilson’s main drain line after heavy use over Super Bowl weekend. No drains flowing at all. Make this one a priority!

6. Be sure all of our customers know how they can get a 15% discount off of today’s work and get a chance for their job to be refunded in Wednesday’s Payback Drawing.

7. Oh, and don’t forget the most exciting part — AttaBoy’s Facebook Profit Share! They can find out about all of AttaBoy’s Facebook rewards by visiting our AttaBoy Facebook Page.

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