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AttaBoy Plumbing Social Rewards Program

As promised, last time I want to tell you about the three ways our Social Reward Program can put money in your pocket.

1. Right off the bat your gonna save 15% off our regular prices for any plumbing we do for you.

2. Next, your job will be entered into our weekly Payback Drawing so you can have a chance to get a refund on the work we did for you. Did I mention that your job is entered every week unless it’s drawn? In fact, I just had one of our customers call in today who saw on facebook that his job had been drawn. So what happened next? BAM!!! , a check for $469 is in the mail for him tomorrow. He could hardly believe it was that easy….and with no catch. I like to think of it as getting your sump pump, faucet, or toilet for free!

3. But personally I think the best part is that you’re immediately eligible to start building your AttaBoy Profit Share. So let’s say you’ve liked AttaBoy Plumbing on facebook and registered for our Social Rewards Program, that’s how you start. Next you tell some friends or family members to do the same thing. Now, anytime any of those people you told to register do so and then call AttaBoy the next time they need plumbing, then you will receive a check in the mail from us. The more people who register for the program because of you, the more often you can get a check. Picture this: your next door neighbor needs their faucet repaired – you get paid; your sister has her clogged drain opened – you get paid; someone on the other side of town gets a new water heater from AttaBoy – you get paid. Just think, all you had to do was put the word out and tell others to tell others to register. This could get BIG!

So, here’s the bottom line: we want more happy customers and you probably wouldn’t mind receiving monthly checks. Hmmmm, let’s do this 🙂

Visit our Facebook page for more information about the AttaBoy Social Rewards Program.

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