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Big City Plumbing Service at a Small Town Price

“It’s the economy stupid” was the famous presidential campaign line. Well, from where I stand (and I am willing to bet the same goes for you too), I believe it was most certainly the case in 2010, and I believe will continue to be the case in 2011. Though I will add that I can hear my young daughter saying “it’s not nice to say stupid, Daddy”…Sweetpea, you are right on that count. The cost of “living” just seems to spiraling out of control. Laura and I see it with our personal family expenses. Have you noticed how food costs have “jumped”? And, we have certainly noticed it with our AttaBoy Plumbing, Heating & Cooling business expenses; fuel, employee, and material costs have increased between 20%-40% in the last year alone!

Now, as a business owner I am well aware of the juggling act between providing a professional service at a competitive price while at the same time paying for good employees, paying the bills, paying the taxes (!), and making a “fair” profit so that broken equipment can be replaced and so we can stay in business keeping jobs and honoring the “contract” we have made with our customers. So believe me…”I get it”. What I don’t get are the outlandish rates my competition is charging for plumbing, furnace, and air conditioner repairs and replacements. In just the past three days of the writing of this blog I have spoken with three NEW AttaBoy customers…a woman needing Carmel Plumbing, a woman needing a Broad Ripple Drain Cleaning, and a man needing a Fishers Water Heater, each coming to AttaBoy after experiencing “sticker shock” from that “ABC Service Company, “the old guy who flew a kite in a thunderstorm company”, and that “rooter” company. Each of which were/are charging almost twice as much as AttaBoy Plumbing, Heating & Cooling!

I have worked hard to secure the best products, the best service provided by the best plumbers and technicians…at the BEST price. That is why AttaBoy customers come to learn and say that in this economy if you still want big city service at a small town price “you better call AttaBoy!”

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