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Carmel Customer says “Wish I called you first!”

“I wish I had called you first!”, our Carmel water leak customer told his AttaBoy plumbing technician …even though he didn’t have a plumbing problem at all, he had a gutter/roofing problem. Though this example from one of our service calls last week is a little extreme, it is a good example of how water can do crazy things.

We were called by this new Carmel customer who explained that he had this leak in his basement ceiling and he had other plumbing companies out to take a look with no success in discovering what was causing the leak, and asked “would we like a shot at it?”.

Well, after examining all walls and ceilings, water lines, some head scratching, and a refused-to-be-stumped attitude, I am proud to say that our AttaBoy plumbing professional hit a bulls eye! It turns out (now get this!) that a second story roof gutter had filled with leaves and debris causing it to dam and overflow up under the roof flashing, down the inside of the second story wall, across the wall seam some 30 feet, down the first floor wall, back across the length of the home inside the wall, and finally dropping down on the basement ceiling where over time it had finally damaged the drywall revealing the leaking water. WHOA!

“When drips, leaks, and clogs annoy; call the plumbing (water) pros of AttaBoy!”

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