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Carmel Plumbers – Clogged Sump Pump Line

AttaBoy Plumbing Company received a call last week from a new customer in Carmel, Indiana who was experiencing what they thought was a clogged sump pump drain line.  As it turned out this customer had four sump pumps that were all behaving as if they were clogged.  The sump pumps were running and pumping but no discharge water was coming out.  Our Carmel plumber evaluated this situation and discovered that the customer had just put a new paver patio in.  Consequently, the demo and prep work for the new patio had, unknowingly, damaged the sump pump drain line.

Our AttaBoy Carmel plumber was able to reroute the sump pump drain line, without disturbing the new paver patio, providing a new heavy duty PVC line that dumps into a better, less evasive area for our new Carmel customer.  This senerio is a common occurence as AttaBoy Plumbing Company has had very similiar calls in Fishers, Zionsville, andIndianapols.  So, be careful when disturbing the ground in and around your home, it may be more than dirt that you will have to shovel out and always call your local plumber, AttaBoy Plumbing Company for all your plumbing repairs!

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