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Carmel Water Heater Customer Says “AttaBoy”!

Great service, extremely polite and a job very well done. Jim Farmer was here yesterday to install a new hot water heater. I don’t know what you are paying Mr. Farmer but it’s not enough.

Thank you,
Jim E. (last name withheld by AttaBoy)

This is the exact email I received from one of our Carmel customers who woke up the other morning to their hot water heater leaking all over the floor. At the risk of coming across as bragging, I am proud that this customer’s response and communication represents the overwhelming response we receive from our customers.

Yes, I am proud that an AttaBoy customer was/is very satisfied with their AttaBoy plumbing experience. But honestly, that is not where I draw the most personal satisfaction. I am most please to hear that we provide what it is that drives me and what we work on as a team…not only being expert and proficient plumbing technicians, but friendly, empathetic, service professionals to our customers.

Jim E. of Carmel, thank you for allowing the families of AttaBoy to serve yours and for taking the time to send us your “Attaboy”. To my Jim, keep up the great work and thank you for making your AttaBoy family look good!

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