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Common Plumbing Problem – Garbage Disposal Odor

When you consider all the waste you put down your garbage disposal, it seems reasonable that the disposal might require occasional sanitation — particularly if you detect a foul odor coming from your disposal. Here are some tips that may help prevent odors in the future:

Tip 1 – Avoid Food Build-Up
Avoid having food and garbage build up inside your garbage disposal by disposing of your food properly. When using your garbage disposal, always be sure to allow the water to run at full force while the food is being ground up. When water is not flowing into your disposal while food is being processed, or if it fails to run for a long enough period of time, slurry can collect on your disposal which can create bacteria and odors.

Tip 2 – Flush with Soapy Water
About once a week, fill your sink with hot, sudsy water, and turn on your garbage disposal. This will help flush food from the garbage disposal. Sometimes adding some citrus peelings and grinding them thoroughly while running plenty of water can add a fresh scent.

Tip 3 – Disinfect your Disposal
About once a month follow the steps in Tip 2, but add ½ cup of chlorine bleach to the sudsy water. If you don’t care for the odor of bleach, a commercial disinfectant will also do the job.

If these tips don’t seem to help with kitchen sink odors, you may need to see if something different may be required to take care of the problem. AttaBoy Plumbing Company can be a great resource for figuring out what other options you may have.

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