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Discount Plumbing???

Okay…here it is…my all-time favorite bit of plumbing humor. This cartoon by Gary Larson portrays the image that plumbers have in the service industry, namely, that having your toilet, drain or other plumbing problem serviced is expensive. Well, yes plumbing can be expensive, just as it can expensive to have your car or furnace repaired, but just because it might be pricey doesn’t mean it always is.

In fact, just today one of AttaBoy’s technicians was called out to service a water heater that was not heating. Turned out that our guy only charged $49 because the call did not require hours of time or expensive parts to get the homeowner hot water again.

Let’s face it, don’t we all want cheap plumbing — and cheap everything else for that matter? Sure we do, but we would probably agree that we aren’t thrilled with paying less for anything if the quality of materials, service or workmanship is bad.

Most of us have gone the “cheap route” on something before and wished later that we’d spent a little more for the good stuff. The same thing happens in the plumbing world. AttaBoy Plumbing is not going to be the most expensive plumbing company out there, but we are also not going to be quite as cheap as the guy working out of the back of his El Camino. That’s actually a good thing. AttaBoy is, however, going to be the company that is fussy over quality and service.

And by the way, when it comes to money AttaBoy offers you something no other plumbing company does: Three ways to put money in your pocket. Curious? Watch this little video.

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