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Do We Need a Water Softener in Carmel?

Sunday after church service I was approached by couple at our church who live in Carmel as was asked if they needed a water softener since “Carmel softens the water when they treat it”.  Ironically, I received a call Monday morning from a Carmel resident who requesting a water heater check and flush who also asked if she needed a water softener since “Carmel water is softened”.

My answer to both was a confident “yes, you need a water softener in Carmel”…well, you don’t “need” one, its not like you are going to die if you don’t have one…your plumbing fixtures and mechanicals certainly won’t last as long.  You see, we in central Indiana have some of the hardest water in the country, that includes Carmel, Indiana.

Now, Carmel does treat their water in a manner in which it does reduce (fractionally speaking) the hardness of the water, however, it certainly would not be considered softened…that simply would be an extremely expensive quest for Carmel…I know taxes are high but geezy pete!  So, Carmelites…get that water softener and you will notice a very positive difference in your water quality and plumbing fixtures usefulness life.

I thought you would never ask, yes, AttaBoy Plumbing plumbers are water softener experts.  Call, Click, or Chat now for service today!

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