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Drain Cleaning in Zionsville

Laura and I were enjoying a recent date night at one of our favorite Zionsville eating establishments…nice evening, porch table, a glass of our favorite adult beverage…and the smell of sewer gas in the air – WHAT? – We knew what that was, or at least suspected that there was drain problem in the vicinity.

We said something to our waitress about the smell and she told us that they had been experiencing that smell for a while, the restaurant owner had called a plumber out but they could not figure it out. We (of course) told her we were the owners of AttaBoy Plumbing and asked her to give the owner our card and to try AttaBoy if he or she still needed assistance (since the smell was still very prevalent it was obvious assistance was still needed).

The owner did call, we sent one of our plumbers out to investigate. Turns out, they had had the other plumbing company add some plumbing mechanicals which required running a new vent outside…the other company ran the plumbing vent discharge right by the air conditioning in-take…thus the air conditioning was sucking sewer gas right into the building!

I love my guys…they are good at solving plumbing problems other plumbing companies can not. And, AttaBoy gained a new customer! No matter your drain problem…AttaBoy has the fix for you. Call, Click, or Chat now to have your drain problem resolved today!

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