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Fishers Hot Water Heater

I’ll start by saying, “I love it when AttaBoy is able to turn a negative situation into a positive”. And that’s exactly what our AttaBoy plumber was able to do yesterday on a Fishers new hot water heater installation job that after the new water heater was installed it would not fire up!

So let me paint the picture here: we have a customer (a first time AttaBoy customer) who called early afternoon upset that her water heater was leaking all over the floor and of course she had no hot water to boot…”will you come today?”

We worked her in the schedule immediately, our plumber did verify that her hot water tank was leaking and provided price and warranty options to her and her husband (over the phone at work)…they chose the better warranty option and our plumbing technician proceeded with the installation.

Once completed…time to fire up the burner…NO IGNITION! Turns out a safety electronic valve on the blower motor tested bad…”out of the box” and the manufacturer wanted to “over-night” a new part tomorrow…which means we would get it the day after tomorrow.

So here we have a first time AttaBoy customer who just spent money for a new hot water heater (no one wakes up in the morning a says I want to spend money with a plumber today), and they have no hot water! Our plumber explained the situation and assured them that they would be taken care of and with hot water “first thing in the morning”. The customers were very patient with our plumber, but understandably a little nervous about the situation.

Here’s where it gets good. Our plumber was camped on the steps of the local supplier to be first in when they opened at 7:00. We were just going to purchase the needed part (it is covered by manufacturer warranty) instead of the “normal” process of waiting on the shipped warranty part direct from manufacturer but they did not have it in “stock”.

Well, long story short, because of our relationship with the supplier, and a little bit of arm twisting and begging, they “robbed” the part of a new water heater which we were able to purchase. We had the customer in hot water by mid morning. I called to follow up with the customer and make myself available to any questions or concerns.

Both the Mr. and Mrs. expressed how “happy” they were with their experience with AttaBoy and “trusted” we would stand behind our work and products. “You have a customer for life”. A win/win!

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