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Fishers Plumbers – Licensed and Insured (is this guy??)

The Fishers Plumbers of AttaBoy Plumbing Company are fully licensed and insured so you don’t have to worry. And, we follow all safety standards and local plumbing codes to protect you, our customers, from a plumbing nightmare.

Times are tight, so to save a little money, you let your neighbor’s cousin’s friend, who has done his own plumbing for “years”, repair your leaking hose spigot.  What could happen??  Plenty!

Ask yourself, is he licensed?  Insured?  Does he follow local plumbing codes?  What happens if he makes the plumbing leak worse than when he started? Does he stand behind his work?  What if he doesn’t solder the pipes in the wall properly causing a leak inside your wall that may go undetected until the damage is severe.  These things DO happen!

To handle this type of plumbing repair, call your Fishers Plumbers, AttaBoy Plumbing Company.  You will rest easy knowing that your plumbing problems will be handled by a skilled, trained technician and backed by your Fishers Local Plumbers, AttaBoy Plumbing Company.  While we can’t typically match the prices of your neighbor’s cousin’s friend, we know that “peace of mind” is worth a little bit of savings up front.

So whether it is a Fishers hot water heater replacement, clogged drains, toilet repair or gas leak, your Fishers Plumber can handle it all!  Visit us on the web (AttaBoy Plumbing Co. – Fishers Plumber) or call us at 317-522-0591 and be worry-free!

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