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Fishers Water Softener Explodes

Now, it certainly is a rare thing for a water softener tank to “explode” but, that is exactly what happened to a customer who called AttaBoy for help yesterday. It turns out that this Fishers customer’s name brand, budget grade water softener tank (not supplied or installed by AttaBoy Plumbing or another professional plumbing contractor) had ruptured under pressure literally spewing water and resin all over the area and bending 3/4″ copper water lines in the concrete slab. So much for saving a buck.

Though the tank was covered under warranty and the supplier was willing to not charge for installation labor, this Fishers customer insisted that they wanted “their” plumber to install a new professional grade water softener.

And, from what I understand from our plumber, is that the other water softener company is reimbursing the customer for the new professional grade water softener professionally installed by AttaBoy Plumbing.

My hat is off to the water softener company for fitting the bill for the new softener, though, I believe it was smart business because the softener was less expensive then paying for the clean up.

The Fishers customers got a high quality, dependable water softener from AttaBoy with no worries at no cost, though, they do have a pretty fair mess to clean up. And, my favorite part, AttaBoy got a new happy customer!

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