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Frozen Geist Water Softener

OK, I don’t mean to sound silly…but, water fixtures will freeze when temperatures fall below 32 degrees; and that goes for water softeners too. AttaBoy Plumbing Company received a call last week from a Geist customer who stated they had a burst water line. We dispatched a technician within the hour and after arrival and further examination our plumber discovered that the water softener had experienced a rupture.

Their water softener was in a unheated utility area right off the garage (which is not unusual). What apparently had happened is that the garage door had been left open while the children were outside and cold air was able to reach the water softener…thus freezing the water in the “head” of the water softener causing the fixture to split open at that area. Normally, the utility area was fine…but, on that occasion, under those circumstances it could not weather the situation. I call it; when Murphy Jr. hits…just enough to cause a problem.

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Until then…keep that garage door closed.

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