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Gas Leak Forces Evacuation of Noblesville Walmart

Gas leaks are serious. Thankfully, this was caught in time. Here’s the story from WTHR from last week:

Noblesville – The Walmart at 16865 Clover Road was evacuated overnight because of a gas leak.

Around 3:30 Wednesday morning, an employee moving boxes in the rear of the store punctured a gas line.

Employees heard a hissing sound and then smelled the natural gas odor.

The manager quickly called the fire department. They evacuated all the employees and one woman who was shopping.

It took about an hour for the gas company to shut down the line.

Just before 5:00 a.m., the all clear was given and everyone was allowed back in the store.

So follow the actions of this “on the ball” employee….whenever you think you smell a gas leak, leave the premises and call the authorities. And of course, if a repair needs to be done, that’s a plumbing problem and AttaBoy Plumbing can fix it!

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