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Is Your House Plumbing Ready for Spring?

With Spring having now “sprung” here are a few basic tips for making sure you are ready for it from a plumber’s point of view.

#1 – Turn on your hose spigots (outdoor faucets), without hoses attached, and let them run for several minutes. Look for any wet spots on walls or floors near the spigot’s location. If you see any signs of water it may indicate that your spigot froze during the winter months and needs to be inspected. Low pressure can be a clue as well. After you shut off the spigot, make sure it shuts off the water completely.

#2 – Make certain that any sump pumps and back-up sump pumps and/or alarms are in good working order. With back-up units make be your batteries are holding a charge well and add distilled water if needed. You don’t want a flooded basement or crawlspace, right?

#3 – With all the fluctuation of tempuratures and atmospheric pressure that comes with Spring weather, it’s a good time to keep your eye on the floor around your water heater. Changing weather conditions can sometimes exacerbate tank problems in older water heaters and cause them to leak.

#4 – Check to make sure all of your gutters and downspouts are directing rain water well away from your home’s foundation walls. Downspouts that empty too close to the house can overwork the sump pump and cause water problems under your home or in your basement.

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