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Is Your Toilet “Rockin’ Out?”

On one Indianapolis toilet repair call we received, the homeowner complained about her toilet moving too much when she used it. Our AttaBoy plumber found the cause of the problem to be a common one we encounter. It seemed that the person who installed the toilet had tightened the bolts that held it to the floor (“closet bolts” in plumber’s terms) too tightly.

The closet bolts go through the base of the toilet and attach to a flange that is attached to the drain line under the toilet. When the nuts on the closet bolts are over-tightened, the pressure can break the flange, as in this case.  A broken flange will require that the toilet be removed and the flange will normally need replacement.

There can be other causes for a wobbling toilet:  a loose nut on the closet bolt, an uneven floor, or a flange that is set too high. In any case our AttaBoy Plumbing plumbers will do a great job of taking the “rock”out of your toilet without costing you a “roll” of cash (I know, that was a shameless pun).

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