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Isn’t “Hot Water Heater” Redundant?

Sometimes a client will call our AttaBoy Plumbing office and will say something like, “hi, this is Mr. So and So and I think my hot water heater in Noblesville is leaking.” Now, if I remember correctly, my school teacher taught me that when we say something like, “I don’t have no basement flooding in Zionsville” that to use both the word “don’t”, which is a negative, and the word “no”, which is another negative, actually creates a totally different meaning to the sentence than the one intended. So, instead of meaning ” I have a flooded basement in Zionsville” it means “I do not have a flooded basement in Zionsville.”

Using that same idea, would not the phrase, “hot water heater” mean that the water that was being heated was already hot? Think about it. . . . . .or not.

If you live in Beech Grove, Fortville, Noblesville, or anywhere in the Indianapolis area and need your WATER HEATER repaired or replaced, or have any other plumbing concerns for that matter, just give AttaBoy Plumbing Company a call. Or maybe I should say, “Don’t give no call to AttaBoy Plumbing.”

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