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It’s Officially Frozen Pipe Season

Well, here we go.  Today is our first real day of frozen pipe calls this winter season.  Most of the callers want us to come out and get their water running for them again, but a couple of folks just wanted to know how they could do it themselves or how to avoid a re-freeze later on.

The best way for a homeowner to thaw a pipe is to get heat to the part of the pipe that is most exposed to the cold temperature.  The point of freezing could be in a crawlspace, inside a wall (particularly an outside wall), or perhaps in a garage – in other words, usually outside of the heated space of your home.   To access that location may require cutting a hole through a wall or ceiling.  Once the frozen area of pipe is located, thawing can be accelerated by using a hair dryer or portable heater.  A note of caution here:  overheating or using an open flame can be a fire hazard, so don’t overdo it or get heat too close to flammable material.

Once water flow is restored you will need to consider ways to prevent it from happening again in the future.  Adding insulation, caulking spaces that let in cold air, or creating a way to allow warm interior air to access the pipe could help avoid future problems.

Of course, if finding and thawing frozen pipes is just not your thing, you can always give us a call at AttaBoy Plumbing.  We’ll help you out.

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