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It’s Raining Sump Pump Failures in Indianapolis

As I sit here in the AttaBoy office to write this blog the rain is still pouring down. There was no morning meeting for the plumbers…just get on with it and to all the poor folks with flooded basements. I could hear my sump pump just cycling one after another this morning before I left for the office…which a normal Fishers to Castleton “rush hour” drive time takes me about 20 minutes…this morning…and hour and half! Roads were flooded in every direction we were forced to detour. By the time I got here the phones and schedule were a buzz with poor or failed sump pump calls.

Sump pumps are one those things we just don’t think about…until it’s too late. when asked up front (and when standing in ankle to knee deep water) what are the best considerations when purchasing a sump pump I quickly state: “buy a heavy duty, professional grade pump and have it installed by a licensed plumbing expert.

Now I know…I literally can hear people all over Indianapolis, Zionville, Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Geist, Greenwood, and Avon saying, “a sump pump is a sump pump right?” “And, my neighbor’s second cousin once removed knows a guy who changes his own oil on his ’68 Oldsmobile and will install my sump pump for free because I’m a nice guy.”

This is when I usually say something like yes, you can save a hundred bucks by buying that cheap sump pump at the local big box hardware store and having the neighbor install it for you for next to nothing.

That being said consider this, to have your flooded finish basement cleaned up will cost somewhere between $7,000-$15,000…and that’s before replacing the “stuff”. But here’s the thing…it’s the personal stuff that is now floating around that can not be replaced and hits the heart (not the wallet) that really hurts. So, a hundred bucks…really?

Call, Click, or Chat now with an AttaBoy Plumbing sump pump specialist to discuss the sump pump and sump pump back up system particulars and value…and don’t let a rainy day rain on what is valuable to you.

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