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Little “Buddys” Back to School

When I was just a little plumber in grade school in Carmel Elementary School, back when there was only one elementary school, and back before I was ever called out on a Carmel drain cleaning or a Carmel gas leak, I remember the teacher gave us “special signals” to request using the plumbing during class. You may have had them too. Of course I’m talking about holding up your fingers with either a number 1 or number 2.  I don’t think they do that in school anymore, but I’m sure they’ve figured out another way to deal with that issue. If a student did that today the teacher would probably either ask what the student was pointing up at or say “yes, Buddy, peace. . . we all want world peace.”

Anyway, as our children are heading back to the bus stops, please be careful as you drive in our neighborhoods and communities. We want to keep all of our little “Buddys” and “Buddettes” safe so they will grow past their apprentice years to become master plumbers some day!

– Buddy

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