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Low Water Pressure in Indianapolis, Carmel or Fishers?

It’s not uncommon for us to get calls from folks telling us they are experiencing low pressure when they turn on their water. There can be several causes for this, so I will give you a few of the most common.

If the pressure is low on both the cold and hot side of all of your plumbing fixtures then that usually has to do with a drop of pressure in your main water supply line. If you are on city water, then that could be a problem with your pressure regulator, a blockage in your line, or a problem with the city water pressure from the water meter. Another possibility is that you have a serious break or hole in your main water supply line. If you are on a well the problem could be related to your well pump, pressure tank or pressure switch. Certainly a blockage or break in your main water line is also a possibility.

If you are only experiencing a lack of pressure at a particular faucet or appliance, or only on either the hot or cold side of the faucet, that is not a whole house water supply problem. Often the problem, for those living in hard water areas, is related to lime/calcium/scale build up in plumbing components. Scale can clog small openings in faucets and valves, or cause problems with seals in fixtures. If you are experiencing low water pressure only on the hot side of all your faucets, that is more likely to be a problem originating from you water heater.

As you can see there are a number of different scenarios to consider for a low water pressure plumbing problem. If you feel that finding that problem and fixing it may be over your head, then you know who to call.

Better Call AttaBoy Plumbing Company!!!

– Buddy

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