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My Showerhead Is Leaking

Yesterday a young woman called to let us know that her showerhead was leaking and she didn’t know what the problem was.  Of course we get similar calls all the time and sometimes the caller wants to know if we can come out and replace the showerhead with a new one that doesn’t leak.

As I explained to yesterday’s caller, just because water is continually dripping doesn’t mean that the showerhead is the problem at all.  Actually, the most common reason is because the valve inside the wall behind the hot/cold knob(s) is not sealing all the way when the water is shut off.  When the valve fails to seal because of worn seats or gaskets and the escaping water begins to fill the pipe leading to the showerhead and eventually finds its way out leading to the drip…drip…drip that keeps you awake at night.

So, what’s the solution?  Well, it’s not replacing the showerhead.  The problem is usually solved by replacing the rubber seats or the cartridge in the tub/shower valve – we call this a “rebuild.”  Sometimes the problem is a little more serious and the entire valve may need replacing.

If you’re a handy person with some basic tools you may be able to do a little research and do your own rebuild.  If the whole valve needs replacing, most people will need to call a plumber to do the work.  By the way, dripping faucets are usually a similar problem.

So, if you’ve got dripping driving you crazy and you want to get it fixed fast, AttaBoy Plumbing can usually get out the same day to restore your sanity!

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