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Noblesville Gas Leak

“I just know that I smell gas, but my husband doesn’t seem to smell anything” is a very common statement we often hear from our customers here at AttaBoy Plumbing.

And such was the case with one of our Noblesville customers who called to say she swore that every so often she could get a whiff of natural gas in her home, however, her husband didn’t smell anything.

First, it is not uncommon that the “husband” doesn’t smell anything. The fact is, female sense of smell is “more tuned” than male’s. So to be honest, we plumbers tend to listen to the woman of the house more intently (experience has taught us to always listen to the woman of the house) when it comes to smells.

Well, in the case of our Noblesville gas smell customer it turns out that she really did have a small gas leak on the water heater/HVAC gas supply line. Her AttaBoy gas technician had the leak fixed in a jiffy and was out her way.

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