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Noblesville Hot Water Heater

You know, as a consumer myself, it’s the small print stuff…or to be politically incorrect…the outright misleading by many companies and manufacturers that rubs me the wrong way…”we didn’t say whether we did or did not”. Or my favorite attitude, “well, of course, there is the wheel tax fee which generates the wheel tax fee fee, in which we have to add an additional 10% handling fee for handling the wheel tax fee (which adds an additional 20% to your auto repair expense after the fact when you are at the window paying). Now, I know I am exaggerating and being a little silly…but, that’s how it feel sometimes.

Take this Noblesville customer with a leaking water heater. They bought a water heater from one of those big box do-it-yourself stores thinking they were “saving” money. He thought he was covered by a good water heater warranty which stated that the water heater would be replaced should it leak anytime with in 9 years.

Well, as it happened, the water heater tank sprang a leak a couple years down the road so this Noblesville hot water heater customer called the store to say he needed to take them up on the warranty. They notified him that they did not handle any warranty issues and that he would need to call the manufacturer direct.

A little put out and surprised, he called the manufacturer who in turn told him that they would give him a verification number and that he, the customer, would have to take the water heater back into the store with the verification number to redeem a new water heater.

Let me repeat that…the customer would have to drain the water heater, disconnect the mechanicals, run the 200 pound water heater up the basement steps and load it in the family truxter, and take it into the customer service counter of the do-it-yourself center he purchased it from So much for the few dollars in savings…not to mention his broke back!

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