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On Crawlspaces . . . Ooooo, Scary!

A while back I met a young man at my house who wanted to earn some money doing odd jobs. I hired him to clean out the debris in my crawlspace and to install a new layer of plastic sheeting as a vapor barrier.  Now, in my years of working as one of AttaBoy Plumbing’s plumbers, I spent many hours in crawlspaces and let me tell you they are not all alike.

First, there’s the really sweet crawlspace to work in where every drain and water line is neatly attached, there are no old sump pumps or well tanks laying around, and it’s so tall you can nearly stand up in the thing. Gotta love those!  For you locals those are mostly in Carmel, Fishers, and Geist.

The second type of “crawl” is like the one at my house. Sure, there’s some old insulation laying around and you’ve got to maneuver on you hands and knees, but all-in-all, it’s not a bad work environment for a plumber, or the kid you hire to clean it out. That young man had no idea how good he had it working in my crawlspace because he never had to enter (insert “dum dum dummmm” music here) “The Hole.” That’s the third category of crawlspace and that one needs to be described in it’s own blog post. We will journey there together next week.

Bring a weapon.

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