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Plumbing Emergency!!! Can You Turn the Water Off?

Most of the time you probably don’t give much thought to your plumbing system, that is until it’s not working correctly. Nothing will get the attention of a homeowner quicker than a rupture in a water line or fixture that starts pouring water onto their floors. Understanding a few basic facts about how your plumbing system works and what to do in case of a pipe break or system leak can prevent plumbing headaches and even property loss in the future.

First, the location of the main water shut-off is important to know. If a pipe breaks and is flooding your house, the main water supply may be the fastest way to shut off the flow of water. As your plumbing system enters your home either through a municipal water supply or private well you will find a main shut-off at the municipal water supply meter or the pressure tank of a private well. You should also find shut-off valves inside your home. Many times these are located near the water heater or coming through a basement wall. Newer homes will have emergency shut-off valves for every fixture and appliance. However, in some cases older homes do not have these shut-offs and owners should plan to have them installed.

If after having tried to find and identify the important valves in your home, you are still confused as to where and what they are, you can give AttaBoy Plumbing a call and we’ll send out one of our plumbers to locate and identify them for you. While he is there he will also let you know if he finds any valves (or other plumbing components) that may be exhibiting any problems that may be a concern to you.

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