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Plumbing in Space Is Not Quite Like Plumbing in Indianapolis

You know, here in the Indianapolis area, plumbing is usually a passe’ subject, but if your home was located in space it would be a different story. The highest form of certification necessary to install a water heater in Noblesville or to unclog a drain in Geist is to be a licensed plumber. Not so on the International Space Station. Take for instance Nicholas J. M. Patrick, and Robert Behnken. These guys are United States astronauts, Ph.D, and now Space Plumbers.  No doubt, their moms are proud! Those men have had the opportunity to do a space walk, and do some plumbing on the space station. How cool is that?

For an interesting link that explains how some of the plumbing works in space click here. Very interesting what the lack of gravity can do to your system, and design.


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