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Potty Brain. Should I Be Concerned?

Okay. I need a some perspective from someone other than another plumber at AttaBoy Plumbing Company. I just returned from two weeks in Israel visiting a number of tremendously amazing and significant ancient sites.

One of those sites was a place called Bet She’an that has Old Testament significance in that it was where King Saul’s headless body was affixed to a wall along with his sons. It also has significance in that the ruins of the Roman city of Scythopolis are there as well. Those ruins are the most extensive Roman ruins in Israel, and they include an amphitheater  column lined streets, baths, and temples to cultic deities.

Wonderful to visit, but here’s the problem. I’m having a really difficult time getting my mind off of the ancient Roman public toilets that are preserved there (see photo above). Check it out, marble seats. It was the custom of the day that these restrooms were for both men and women to use in the same room, at the same time — and there were no partitions. “Oh, hi Lucia. You know, Marcus and I had a great time at the gladiator games yesterday. Thanks for letting him out of the house. Say…could you hand me the stick there?”

Now, by “stick” Phil is referring to the one that had a clump of something soft on the end of it that our ancient friends used for “tidying up.” Yes, they shared. Now let me relieve any concerns you may have about sanitation issues, after all they weren’t barbarians. No…prior to passing the stick, Lucia would have dipped the puffy end of the stick into the little water channel in front of the toilets (see it there in the picture?). There, all sanitized it for the next person to use…I kid you NOT! Wow. . . wow!

Anyway, as a plumber, toilets generally have my attention and I have written some blogs about the evolution of toilets in past blogs. But, I had never heard anything like the “stick thing” before. It certainly makes gas station restrooms seem a little nicer, doesn’t it.


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