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Pump It Up!

Back in the day our ancestors used to walk down to the creek, drop a bucket in the water until it was full, and then grunt it back to the abode with hopes of not splashing most of the water out along the way. When wells were used, sophistication was added because of the use of a hand crank to bring the bucket up from below.  Next a hand pump was added to the well outside the house, and eventually things got really fancy when the hand pump was actually mounted inside the house next to a sink.  Today we’ve come a long way with pumps but the basic function remains the same:  to counteract gravity in order to get fluids where you want them to go and/or to increase the speed of getting them there.

While hand pumps are still in use for certain applications, the vast majority of pumps moving water in your home are driven by electricity. For example, there are pumps in certain appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher, but there are also pumps that provide the water pressure for the entire house, either from the city that provides your water or from your own electric well pump.

From a plumbing company standpoint, the pumps that we probably get the most service calls for are sump pumps.  Not every home has a sump pump, but for the ones that do it can be a very important pump to have working correctly.  Sump pumps are used to pump out the water that can flow into crawlspaces and basements from rain or melting snow.  Sump pumps are normally installed in a pit. When the pump fails the pit fills to overflowing and floods the crawlspace or basement.  In order to prevent this problem it is a good idea to replace your pump every several years or at the very least check it to make sure it will work when needed.  Another highly recommended option is to install a back up sump pump system that will kick on when your primary pump fails or there is no electrical power such as occurs during a storm.

Pumps. . . you have them, you need them, you need them working when you need them.  Give AttaBoy Plumbing a call if you need us — we’ll be right there!


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