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Raining Indianapolis Dining Room Ceiling – AttaBoy Plumber to the Rescue

We received a call from a panicked Indianapolis woman who said she had just gotten home to find “water raining from my dining room ceiling”.

We immediately sent one of our plumbers right over to discover that she was not experiencing a super-natural weather phenomenon, but rather a really inconvenient, but, natural plumbing problem. Plumbing materials age and wear out over time – right? Water constantly eats away and deteriorates the plumbing mechanicals that are used to current and distribute the water.

In the case of our new Indianapolis customer’s raining dining room ceiling; in the bath above, a fitting had spit at the toilet fill-valve and water supply line allowing water to run down the line, across her floor (undetected), under the wall baseboard, dropping unto the dining room ceiling below, finally finding its’ way out through the ceiling dining room light fixture.

Turns out, easy plumbing fix; nasty mess for customer to have cleaned up. Though there is no sure-fire way to insure that this kind of plumbing problem does not occur, the odds of this kind of homecoming can be greatly reduced simply by having your plumbing mechanicals inspected each year.

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