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More Important Than Plumbing

This blog post will be a little bit different than my normal posts about leaking hot water heaters, clogged drains, sump pumps and running toilets. While I LOVE posting information about AttaBoy Plumbing Company services and our plumbers and technicians, today, I have a different agenda.

Last week, I did something for the very first time in my life that I should have done years ago. I donated blood. I’m not sure why I’ve never done that before, I really have no excuse. I heard a radio commercial that said our blood banks were low on blood and so I went online to and scheduled an appointment. It was so easy!

I arrived at the Fishers blood center for my appointment (I know they have locations in Indianapolis, and other Marion and Hamilton county cities), filled out some necessary paperwork, donated about a pound of blood, had a cookie and some juice and I was on my way! It was a snap! Walking out, I was thinking to myself, “why have you never done this before?”

So if you haven’t donated blood recently or EVER, like me, I want to really encourage you to make an appointment. The life you save, could be your own….or someone you love.


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