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Smell Natural Gas in Your Home? Who You Gonna Call? Attaboy Plumber!

The first thing most homeowners do is call their local gas company, which you should do. That makes sense, but unless you’ve had to deal with a gas leak in your home before, few people realize that it will most likely be a plumber who the gas company will refer you to for the pressure testing and any repairs.

On a recent Indianapolis gas leak call, our AttaBoy Plumbing plumber listened as the homeowner explained the frustration of having their gas shut off by the gas company only to have to call a plumber to do the work. We understand that frustration, and while many minor leaks can be found and repaired without the inconvenience of the gas company shutting off the gas first, we always recommend to have them out right away if a plumber can’t get their quickly enough.

AttaBoy Plumbing is a licensed plumbing company that has trained plumbers all over central Indiana, including Indianapolis, certified to handle the natural gas problems inside your home. So, if you ever need a plumber to locate and stop any gas leaks, now you know who to call. . .

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