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So, How’s That Showerhead Working For Ya?

Ah yes, our showers. They wake us up in the morning; they clean us up after a dirty job or a workout; they refresh us after a stressful day. Let’s face it, how the water flows out of your showerhead is a pretty important feature of your plumbing — not crucial, but we like it to work well.

One of the plumbing features of living in cities such as Indianapolis, Fishers,Carmel, Broad Ripple, Noblesville, etc. is the presence of lime, iron and other minerals in our water that can have a dramatic impact on our plumbing fixtures. It is very common for lime, or calcium, to build up in the little outlet holes of a showerhead, restricting the flow of the water or causing some of the spray to divert in a random direction. Here are some ways to help with that particular problem:

– Unscrew the showerhead from the shower arm and use a wire to clean out any mineral debris inside the inlet hole. Your showerhead may be able to separated into two pieces by unscrewing them. If so, you may be able to better reach the inside of the head for clearing the spray holes.

– To soften up stubborn lime deposits you may want to soak the entire showerhead in vinegar overnight. Some people will even attach a plastic bag partially filled with vinegar to the showerhead with some rubberbands to let is soak without removing the showerhead at all.

– If cleaning your showerhead is more work than you want, you could always have your AttaBoy plumber come out to evaluate your water problems and offer ways to improve the condition of your water so that lime and other minerals are less of an issue.

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