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So Who Is This Plumber Buddy, Anyway?

Glad you asked! Buddy is the good lookin’ fella you see on the AttaBoy Plumbing Company logo. Buddy actually represents some of the important values on which our company was founded. For example:

  • Quick response time when you call us for plumbing (run Buddy, run!)
  • Plumbers who work hard for your satisfaction (note Buddy’s rolled up sleeves)
  • Honest, friendly staff (That’s a sincere smile Buddy’s wearing)
  • Professionalism in our work and appearance (i.e., no “plumbers crack.” Buddy’s shirt will stay tucked in and he always wears a belt!)

All joking aside, we are very selective in the plumbers we hire to serve as AttaBoy Plumbing plumbers. Our goal is to serve you well by providing fantastic customer service and skilled technicians who will take good care of you the next time you have plumbing needs.

So, if you need service for your water heater, faucets, drains, sump pump, water softener or any other plumbing, you know who to call….317-578-2882.

Better call AttaBoy!

And thanks for checking out my blog.


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