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The Story of the Three Drain Clogs

Clearing drain stoppages, or “clogs”, are one of the most common services that plumbers perform. While many clogs can be cleared relatively easily by the homeowner, others require training and specialized equipment. Clogs usually come in three varieties:

1. “Baby Clogs” are generally the ones that are soft and can be loosened using a plunger or hand auger. Many toilet and lavatory clogs would fall into this category because they are often located in the plumbing fixture itself.

2. “Mama Clogs” will often require an electric “snake” or cable drain machine to clear. These clogs are often beyond the fixture and are located in secondary drains in the wall or under the floor. Generally speaking these drain lines are one and a half to two inches in diameter.

3. “Papa Clogs” are the ones that can stop the drain flow of the entire house. Normally three and a half to four inches wide, these drains carry the liquid from all the other drains in your home to the city sewer line or septic system. To unclog these drains will require heavy duty equipment and experience. Many times these lines will develop stoppage problems because of tree roots working their way in through cracks in the drain lines.

AttaBoy Plumbing has the know-how and equipment to deal with all of the members of the clog family. Remember, we serve Indianapolis and surrounding communities including Carmel, Fishers, Lawrence and Greenwood.

So next time drips, leaks or CLOGS annoy….better call AttaBoy!

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