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Typical “Old Home” Drain Clog Problem

One of any plumbing company’s most frequent jobs is to clear drains. The majority of stoppages under kitchen sinks and bathroom lavatories are relatively basic to clean out with a cable machine.   Sometimes however, especially in older homes, the pipes themselves get so corroded and built up inside (much like a an artery with plaque) that only replacement of the drain line will really do the job.

Such was the case with one Indianapolis plumbing customer of ours this week. She has had ongoing problems with her bath lavatory drain clogging and regardless of what plumbers have done in the past, it just keeps re-clogging.  Our recommendation for her was to replace that drain line and be done with it. While it will cost more in the short term, it won’t be long before it will actually be saving her money since she will no longer have to keep calling plumbers to cable it out over and over again.

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