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Working in “The Hole”

Once you manage to crawl over, under, and around all the low-hanging water lines and drain pipes, and reach the spot where you are actually going to attempt the repair, “The Hole” presents a new set of problems. I’ll give you an example of one I encountered that I’ll call my Noblesville plumbing services fiasco.

My partner and I had already repaired a toilet in the house and were working on some drain cleaning in this old farm house in Noblesville, when I entered the crawlspace to fix a drain line. The only way to get to the leak was to crawl along the length of a large flexible cold air return from the furnace that had been installed in a special “ditch” that was dug out for it. I noticed that if I was really careful, it would support my body weight. So, I belly-crawled along the top of it until I got to my repair point, made a very difficult, barely reachable, drain line repair and then started my slow backward crawl out.

Now, remember, this was a VERY tight situation and this old farm house had VERY old plumbing. In the course of my backward crawl, the heel of my foot raised up and knocked an old compression fitting loose on a water pipe and BANG, the outpouring began! In panic, I started moving as fast as I could, feet first, to get past the water that was soaking me down as I belly-crawled straight under it. Because I was crawling on top of the air return duct, I had no way to get out from under the spray and I felt like I was a car in a carwash. Just when I got to the point where I was getting my back hosed down the 16 inch air duct I was crawling on collapsed under me and I went down into the ditch which was now turning into mud! I was now able to put my escape into overdrive and finally got out of the Hole, soaked but with my life.

Naturally, my job was far from over because I now had another plumbing repair to do, but I managed to gather my composure, got the water shut off, and got the job done. Of course, I had to get new ductwork and fix that too. When everything was said and done, I may not have made a lot of money that day in The Hole, but I didn’t find any bodies either.

After I left that house I did what any self-respecting AttaBoy Plumbing Company plumber in our area would do – I cleaned my muddy self off and moved on to a Carmel plumbing repair.

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