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Zionsville Plumbers Can Get Rid of Your Starch!

I was called out to work on a Zionsville clogged drain awhile back and found a very typical scenario. The homeowner had dumped a bunch of cooked rice down the garbage disposal and ran just enough water to make it go down the hole while turning on the disposal for a moment. As often happens the food did not get washed all the way through the smaller drain to the larger ones and stopped part of the way down. The the abundance of starch released due to the hot water caused the rice to become a well-cemented plug that would not allow any more water to pass. We see this kind of thing happen a lot with pasta and potato peels too.

Not only do we see blockages like that Zionsville drain cleaning that are due to food, but other clogs, too.  I talked to a nice lady about today on an Indianapolis drain cleaning that was caused because of the corrosion and years of build up in her old pipes. Sometimes, as in this case, it’s not there’s a problem with what you put down, but a problem with the pipes themselves. Old drain lines are like old arteries, they can get build up on inside that hinders the passage of anything through them. So after you’ve done whatever you can to keep your drains flowing freely and you still have problems, you know who to call. . . . 317-522-0591

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