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Indianapolis Frozen Pipe Problems

Problem:“I have no water at all coming from any faucet”

Solution: Ah, the winter wonderland in Indiana can be beautiful and a PAIN! If you suspect you have no or little water because your water lines have frozen, first, turn on a couple faucets to release pressure in the water line which will help to keep the water line from “bursting”. Next, open sink cabinets, especially those on outside walls, allowing heat to reach the water line. These two simple steps can help to remedy the problem. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need greater assistance as frozen and burst water lines can cause a lot of damage to your home. Your AttaBoy Plumber is all bundled up for the cold weather and will chase Jack Frost away from your pipes.


Problem:“I have a pipe that is spraying everywhere.”

Solution: More than likely your water line has frozen and burst. When a water line freezes, the “ice cube” expands inside the pipe causing the pipe to split or “burst”. Once the “ice cube” starts to thaw, allowing water to flow, water now sprays from the split or “burst” pipe. This section of burst pipe must be replaced. AttaBoy Plumbing IS your winter plumbing experts.


Problem:“I have a sink that is not draining at all.”

Solution: Though not as common as water lines freezing, drain lines can freeze, too. Drain lines that are usually slower to drain or clog often all together, will have a tendency to freeze during cold weather months because they hold water in the drain lines instead of having a free flow. Keeping your drain lines running smoothly and freely all year round and replacing old drain pipes will help to keep this problem from happening. If you have a frozen drain, AttaBoy Plumbing can get you flowing again and keep you flowing Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall….all you have to do is call and we’ll be there, yes we will!

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