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Indianapolis Water Pressure Problem Repairs

Problem:“I have very low hot water pressure in my house.”

Solution: Don’t you hate it when you get in the shower and all you get is a trickle of hot water! Not very relaxing. Well, that can be easily fixed. The problem can range from a component at your water heater, to the hot water supply line, to the faucet itself. After checking out the problem, your AttaBoy Plumber can make the necessary repair and you can get back to taking a nice, long, relaxing shower with plenty of hot water pressure. Ahhhhhhh……….


Problem:“There is no water pressure at all in my house.”

Solution: You go from faucet to faucet and there just doesn’t seem to be any water pressure anywhere. It seems like a mystery! If you’re on a well, there could be a pump or tank problem (see Well Tanks and Pumps below), it could be a broken water main (see Water/Drain Line Leaks above), it could be just old water lines, it could be……well, you get the idea. Whatever it is, your AttaBoy Detective, aka Plumber, will solve the mystery.


Problem:“My water pressure seems really high.”

Solution: High water pressure is nice for showers, however, water pressure TOO HIGH is not so nice to your plumbing fixtures and mechanicals. Your plumbing fixtures and mechanicals are engineered to handle pressures of 75 – 85 PSI (pounds per square inch). Anything above that causes greater wear-and-tear, aging your plumbing unnecessarily. If you are experiencing high water pressure, it’s best to have a pressure test performed by a licensed plumbing company who has all the necessary equipment, code information and know-how to get your home’s plumbing back to operating under optimum water pressure levels. Oh, and by the way, we do that!

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