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Indianapolis Hose Spigots Problems

Problem:“My hose spigot won’t shut off.”

Solution: Try as you might, no matter how hard you turn the handle, your hose spigot just won’t stop running or dripping. This is a common maintenance problem. What has happened is that hard water deposits have built up on what is called the “seat” which looks like a donut inside the valve. These hard water deposits have torn up the valve faucet washers and are not allowing a good seal, thereby restricting the ability for the hose spigot to shut off completely. Repairing the old hose spigot is usually a “band-aid” fix in nature as the “seat”, which is the root and cause of the problem is unable to be replaced. Most of the time a hose spigot replacement is the solution and AttaBoy Plumbers are able to provide a quick turn-around and have you water your watering your lawn, washing your car, or the kids playing in the sprinkler in no time.


Problem:“Water is running down the wall when I use my hose spigot.”

Solution: Note to self: Water running down the wall is NEVER a good thing! What has most likely happened is that the hose spigot chamber has filled with water over the winter and has frozen and burst the pipe. So when you turn on your hose spigot, you are essentially turning it on to run inside the wall. You don’t need to turn off the water to your house, however, you will not be able to use your hose spigot until it is replaced. Your AttaBoy Plumber will be able to cut out and solder in a new hose spigot and eliminate the waterfall down your wall.


Problem:“I’d like to add a hose spigot on the other side of my house.”

Solution: No problem! This is an often requested “extra” as most homes only have one hose spigot and we don’t always plant flowers or wash the car on that side, which means, we have to pull over 100’ of hose from the other side of the house. Having a second hose spigot can be a real hassle eliminator! Your AttaBoy Plumber will install a “code-approved” frost-free professional grade hose spigot where it’s most convenient for you!

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