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Indianapolis Slab Leak Problems

Problem:“I hear water running SOMEWHERE in my house.”

Solution: If you can hear water, but not see water running, that is a good indication that you may have a water line leak in your slab. Now this may sound silly, first check to make sure that your outside hose spigots are turned off completely. Even if they are slightly running, the sound can be amplified throughout the whole house. But if this is not the case, it is likely that you have a water line leaking in the slab. What has happened in most cases, is that the cement slab has “eaten” into the copper water lines. The remedy for this is to call a licensed, professional plumbing company who can properly locate the leak and make the necessary repairs.


Problem:“There is water pooling on my carpet.”

Solution: Your carpet isn’t supposed to “squish”! But if it does, you may have a water line leaking in your slab. Broken water lines can happen anywhere in your slab floor….hallway, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, family room, wherever water lines may be located. Just like the above problem, slab leaks can be repaired and AttaBoy Plumbing has the know-how to get the job done.


Problem:“I have an abnormally high water bill.”

Solution: Either you have a house full of teenagers, a beautiful green lawn or you COULD have a slab leak. Just a pinhole leak in a water line in your slab can show up as hundreds of dollars in your water bill. AttaBoy Plumbing can locate and repair the slab leak and many times you can even received a credit from your water company with verification from a licensed plumbing company that there was a leak and it has been repaired.

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