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Air Conditioning Repair in the Indianapolis Area

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Dealing with a downed cooling unit right in the middle of summer is more than just tough—it’s unbearable! With high heat, higher humidity and a sun that just won’t give you a break, you need your system working effectively at all times. So, what do you do when the AC decides it wants to take an unplanned break? Call on the professional service team at Attaboy Plumbing!

Our experts have the tools, training, and necessary skills to provide complete AC repair services for Indianapolis locals. No matter the model or brand of system you have on hand, our team can handle the task both quickly and accurately, and we’ll get the job done at a price you can be comfortable with as well.

Need AC repair in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas? Contact a trained AC repair technician from Attaboy Plumbing, call 317-578-2882, or schedule service now!

Where Can I Find AC Repair Near Me in Indianapolis? At Attaboy Plumbing!

In the span of mere minutes, the heat and moisture common to our area will intrude your home. You need that air conditioner up and running, and you need it now! We get that, and our experts waste no time getting to you in order to provide service. We’ll arrive on time equipped with the best diagnostic tools and training in the industry, and we get to work right away. Once the problem is found, we’ll provide repair that puts your comfort first, meaning we focus on doing the job right, and right the first time!

Watch Out for These Signs Your AC Is Going Out

Most cooling equipment doesn’t just go “boom” and shut down. Problems often lurk and exist for days, weeks even, before they become a big issue. This can be used to your advantage, because when you know the warning signs you can call for service before the system decides to shut down on you on the hottest day of the year.

Watch out for the following issues, and if you spot one contact Attaboy Plumbing right away:

  • Strange, loud, or persistent noises. You know what your air conditioner usually sounds like. That makes things like popping, clicks, or squeal noises really stand out, and all of these are bad!
  • Frost or ice on the coils. A presence of ice on the evaporator coils of your air conditioner will usually trace back to an air flow issue or low refrigerant levels. Both need attention right away.
  • Poor performance. Don’t try to tough it out! You pay good money to run a cooling system in Indianapolis, and that means you should get your money’s worth. If the system is falling behind your needs, leaving hot spots in the home, or failing to dehumidify, it’s time to call Attaboy Plumbing for AC repair.
  • Higher than usual cooling costs. Always keep an eye on your energy costs. It’s a great way to notice large discrepancies that may indicate a larger issue with the system. Huge energy bills are often a homeowner’s first sign of a problem, so it’s definitely worth monitoring.

Contact Attaboy Plumbing for Air Conditioner Repair in Indianapolis

A proper air conditioner repair service requires precision and the attention of someone trained and experienced. In other words, it requires the attention of an Attaboy Plumbing professional! Our team is glad to provide complete repair and maintenance service to local homeowners, so when you need a name, you can trust ours is the one to know.

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