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Sewage Ejector Pump Service in the Indianapolis Area

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If you have a finished basement or any other area with plumbing that lies below the sewer or septic lines, you will need a sewage ejector pump. Sewage ejector pumps move wastewater from low-lying areas and “lift” them up to the level of the sewer or septic lines so gravity can take over. In the Indianapolis area, sewage ejector pumps are a must! Sewage ejector pumps move the water from the lower level of your home up and out of the basement and into the sewage system or septic tank.

Sewage ejector pumps are much more powerful than sump pumps, which work similarly and are designed to move solids along with the water.

As your local, professional Indianapolis plumbers, AttaBoy Plumbing has the skills and knowledge to help with your sewage ejector pump installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance service.

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Indianapolis Sewage Pump Repair Experts

Just like any plumbing component of your home, your sewage ejector pump does require service every once in a while. Although maintenance can prevent it, a failure of a sewage ejector pump can be messy and costly to repair. It is much better to call for a maintenance check before the sewage pump fails! But, rest assured, if you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing repair, our experts can help fix your system, no problem.

Don’t let sewage wastewater sit there for long, or you’ll have a bigger mess on your hands. Call AttaBoy Plumbing for sewage ejector pump repair now at 317-578-2882.

Sewage Ejector Pump Installation

If your current ejector pump has failed or you installing a new bathroom in a basement, then you will need a sewage ejector pump installation from your local plumbers at AttaBoy! We’ve been helping Indianapolis-area homeowners with expert advice and quality sewage ejector pump installation for years.  We’ll walk you through the process from start to finish and recommend the best system for your needs and budget.

Sewage Grinder Pumps

A special type of sewage ejector pumps is called a grinder pump—it’s like a sewage ejector pump but with a garbage disposal attached to it. It is designed to chop up any solid waste before sending it through the pump. While most people think all sewage ejector pumps have grinders, that is actually not true. Your local Indianapolis plumber from AttaBoy can help you determine if a sump pump, sewage ejector pump, or a grinder pump is best for your application.

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Common Sewage Ejector & Lift Station Problems

Basement bathroom is not draining properly.

Most basement bathrooms have a sewage ejector pump (aka “lift station”). Basement bathrooms are lower than the house main sewer line. A sewage ejector is used to “lift” the basement bathroom wastewater into the house main sewer line to flow out into city sewer system or septic tank. If the sewage ejector is not working, the basement bathroom toilet, sink or shower will not drain properly, if at all. An inspection of the ejector by your AttaBoy Plumber will reveal the problem and we’ll repair it!

Sewage ejector is constantly running.

Similar to a sump pump, sewage ejectors don’t like to run when they’re dry. If it is running when there is no water in the ejector pit, this is usually associated with a “switching” problem. Depending on your sewage ejector, the switch can either be repaired, adjusted or replaced with a simple call to AttaBoy Plumbing. Our sewage ejector experts can evaluate the problem and make sure that your ejector is working the way it should.

Sewage ejector smells bad.

Not a pleasant smell, we know, but easily remedied by our expert plumbers. It could either a vent problem with the pit or the sewage ejector pit seal has decayed or has been breached. All of which your experienced AttaBoy Plumber can assess and provide the right solution!

Call AttaBoy Plumbing for Sewage Ejector Pumps in Indianapolis & Surrounding Areas

For expert sewage pump services, look to the pros at Attaboy Plumbing! We put your needs first, and we’re not satisfied with the work we’ve performed until you are. We also offer sump pump repair and sump pump installation as well as battery backup sump pump installation.

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