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Sump Pump Installation & Replacement in the Indianapolis Area

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If your sump pump has failed and you are looking for a sump pump installer in your Indianapolis-area home, give AttaBoy Plumbing a call! We have been providing sump pump installation for over 15 years and know the ins and outs of these systems. Our professional plumbers can help you assess your needs and provide you quality advice on which model of sump pump best fits your needs for the installation. We choose to install professional grade sump pumps from Zoeller and Ion. We stand behind these products and our installations of their sump pumps, and we back it up with a three-year warranty!

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Sump Pump Installers in Indianapolis

AttaBoy Plumbing has been installing sump pumps for residents of the Indianapolis area since 2001. We are a locally owned and operated company that’s ready to help! Whether you are looking for a sump pump replacement on your main pump, you are looking to add a completely new system, or perhaps you are looking at a battery backup sump pump, Attaboy Plumbing has you covered!

Why Install a Sump Pump?

Aside from the more obvious flood prevention, what can a sump pump do for your home? You might be surprised by the answer! Pump systems are actually routinely installed by homeowners looking to prevent a wide range of dangers and troubles in their home, including:

  • Mold and mildew prevention. Mold and other forms of household fungus absolutely thrive in dim, damp areas in your home. The basement presents an ideal place for mold to take root, and from there it can spread into your floors, creep up your walls, and even worse! But with a sump pump in place, you’re well-guarded against mold formation.
  • Protecting personal property. Water in your basement doesn’t have to hit a foot or two before it becomes a problem! Even a thin layer of moisture can ruin boxes and furniture, peel away layers of paint, and do damage to mechanical items stowed away in your home.
  • Minimizing the risks of an electrical fire. When water comes into contact with electronics, wiring, or your control panel, it may experience what is called a short circuit. This can not only severely damage the electronics in question, but it can also lead to critical electrical fires!
  • Boosting home value. Areas like Hamilton and Marion County are no strangers to high winds and potentially damaging levels of water. Most folks looking to move consider a sump pump a requirement, so as you might expect an installation can boost your home’s value and marketability appreciably.

Sump Pump Replacement in Indianapolis, IN

When you’re ready to install a new sump pump or to replace the one you already have, you want service professionals that will not only perform the job right but will also take every step to ensure you’ve gotten the highest level of quality and care. In the Indianapolis area, that’s Attaboy Plumbing!

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