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Garbage Disposal Repair & Service in the Indianapolis Area

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When it comes to saving time, reducing waste, and simplifying your post-dinner kitchen cleanup process, garbage disposals are absolutely ideal. Are you thinking about installing a new garbage disposal for your Indianapolis home, or is your current garbage disposal giving you trouble? No matter what situation you find yourself in, you’re in the right place! At Attaboy Plumbing, our teams offer complete disposal services to homeowners.

Looking for plumbers that can meet your garbage disposal service needs in Indianapolis, Fishers, or the surrounding areas? Contact Attaboy Plumbing online now!

Garbage Disposal Repair in Indianapolis

There’s no doubt that a garbage disposal is one of the handiest tools in your home. But when something goes wrong with it, it can be an absolute nightmare! It’s smelly, it’s interrupting your day, and fiddling with one can even be a bit scary. Don’t try to take on the job alone! Our garbage disposal repair specialists offer swift and effective solutions, no matter what the problem at hand happens to be.

Call on our garbage disposal repair experts when:

  • The blades of your disposal are jammed
  • There is a clog in the disposal
  • The disposal is experiencing electrical issues
  • There are strange or loud noises coming from the disposal

Give AttaBoy Plumbing a call at (317) 578-2882 to have a plumber on the way for your garbage disposal repair!

Garbage Disposal Installation & Replacement

A new garbage disposal can open you up to a whole new world of convenience, but it’s not as simple as it may seem. A proper replacement or installation task requires a lot of attention and precision in order to ensure the system operates effectively both now and in the future. Make sure you get the right team for the job!

For complete disposal installation solutions in Marion County, you need only look to the specialists at Attaboy Plumbing. With two decades of experience in serving local homeowners, we’ve got the skill and training needed to handle the project with precision.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Problem:  “My garbage disposal is jammed.”

Solution:  So you’re cleaning up after that big dinner party, giving your garbage disposal a real work-out and suddenly, it just stops working. There is a good chance that your garbage disposal has “jammed”. Try this first before you call a plumber: Turn off electricity to the garbage disposal before you do anything. Next, with electricity turned off to the disposal, stick your hand into the disposal and feel around pulling out any objects that are obstructing or wedged into the grinding plate and hammers of the disposal (be careful of sharper objects such as glass, bones, etc.). Now turn electricity back on to the garbage disposal, run the water and turn on the garbage disposal. Hopefully, all is unjammed. If not, better call AttaBoy!

Problem:  “My garbage disposal is humming.”

Solution:  Sometimes humming is a good thing. When it comes to garbage disposals, not so much. What happens sometimes, while grinding food, the garbage disposal gets caught on itself, causing it to throw its “internal breaker”. Try resetting the garbage disposal yourself by depressing the red button located on the bottom side of the garbage disposal. This resets the garbage disposal electric motor….much like a circuit breaker in your home’s electric panel. If this doesn’t do the trick, your garbage disposal requires professional attention as is available from your AttaBoy Plumbing technician.

Problem:  “My garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom.”

Solution:  The ground up food is supposed to go down my drain, not land in the bottom of my sink cabinet, right? You’re exactly right. What has probably happened is that the grinding chamber of your garbage disposal has a hole or crack caused by normal wear-and-tear. Your AttaBoy Plumber can evaluate and determine if your garbage disposal can be repaired or needs to be replaced making sure that the yucky stuff goes down the drain, not underneath your sink.

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