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Tankless Water Heater Installation in Indianapolis, IN

Gas and electric bills continue to rise across Indiana. Many Indianapolis homeowners are turning to tankless water heaters to help keep their energy bills from draining their bank accounts.

Tankless water heaters use significantly less energy than traditional water heaters, which makes them a good investment for homeowners seeking to save money and protect the environment at the same time. Over the course of the year, it is not uncommon for homeowners to see a reduction in their gas bills of 20 percent or more.

To learn more about the benefits tankless water heaters have to offer, contact AttaBoy Plumbing at (317) 578-2882. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the tankless water heater that’s ideally suited for your family’s needs. 

How Much Does a Tankless Water Heater Cost?

Installing a tankless water heater can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the size of the system. At Atta Boy Plumbing, we install tankless water heaters manufactured by the industry’s leading brands because we are confident that they are the best systems for homeowners throughout the Indianapolis region.

Want more information about tankless water heaters? Contact AttaBoy Plumbing today at (317) 578-2882.

What Fuel do Tankless Water Heaters Burn?

Tankless water heaters can burn either natural gas or liquid propane. Both are good options, although natural gas is the most common fuel burned in Indianapolis because it is easy to hook it up to the home’s existing natural gas lines. Propane is more often used in rural areas where fewer homes have natural gas lines into the home.

Preparing Your Home for a Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heater installation is a task that should only be performed by a licensed contractor with the necessary education in electricity, natural gas, and propane who will rigidly adhere to local building codes and safety standards. Tankless water heater installation requires connecting the unit to the gas and electrical supply and creating a vent to the outside of the home for the exhaust. In most cases, this is a straightforward process that a trained professional can complete in 2 to 3 hours.

We invite you to contact Atta Boy Plumbing at (317) 578-2882 for more information about tankless water heater installation in Indianapolis. It would be our pleasure to discuss the process with you and help you choose the system that is best suited for your family’s hot water needs. 

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